A New Worksheet on Setting!

Check out the newest worksheet to print and add to your Writer’s Notebook.

It’s all about brainstorming for your setting!

Where in the World is Your Setting?

Kudos from Humphrey and Friends

Hi. We’re Pitterpat and Sandman, writing buddies of children’s author Nancy I. Sanders.

This is me, Pitterpat, sitting on the left. I’m a snowshoe Siamese and I’m also a girl. So of course I like everything girls. Books like Fancy Nancy and movies like Cinderella top my list of favs. Anything with princesses and tiaras and horse-drawn carriages. And of course, like all girls, I like baths. (Just not bubble baths. Those bubbles may smell pretty, but they taste kind of icky…although they are fun to watch while they pop!) You’ll find me sitting in the kitchen sink (when it’s empty) and sitting in the tub (when it’s empty) and stretched out on my favorite red blanket on the couch like Cleopatra, where I take long luxurious baths. Don’t fool yourself, though! While I appear to be relaxing and washing my fur from ear to tail, I’m actually brainstorming ideas for my newest picture book!

And hey…that’s me, Sandman, on the right! I’m a boy and I’m twice as big as Pitterpat and can leap higher to the top of the refrigerator and jump further after the toy butterfly-on-a-ribbon and chase my tail faster in circles that she can. Even though we’re just two weeks apart, we’re still best buds and playmates. You’ll find us together everywhere! (Except when I’m feeling in charge and hang out on the top of the refrigerator looking out over my domain and down on Pitterpat where she’s sleeping on the couch.)

Me? I like to write nonfiction for kids. And I also like to play fetch. It’s the best thing to do with a page from your manuscript that you don’t want any more cause you have a new and revised version that sparkles. Just crumble up that page into a tight little ball, toss it as hard as you can across the room, and I’ll run after it and bring it back to you. Again! And again! That’s cause I know that every page we writers write is very, very important. From the first draft to the published article or book, it’s all part of the journey of being a writer. And that’s what this site is all about. Tips and worksheets and strategies to follow on our writing journey.

Hi! My name is Humphrey. I’m a cat. I’m also a writer. You probably know that by now. But what you may not know is that I think it’s important to get encouragement as a writer.

For instance, not too long ago, flowers arrived at our front door. After I ran and hid under the bed for awhile (you never know what might happen if you stick around when they open that door!) I came out and discovered the most beautiful flowers sitting on the table where I love to stretch out in the sunshine and brainstorm for new plot twists.

I just KNEW these flowers were for me! I nibbled on the green ferns and tasted the yellow daisies. Yep! Those flowers were the purrfect treat I needed to remind myself that I am a writer.

You see, too often, I get nasty messages in my e-mail or in my mail box that go something like this:

Rejected! Never send another manuscript our way.

(Secretly, I think the neighbor’s two Rat Terriers send me these messages.) Devin and Derby know I’m writing a middle-grade novel about cats and dogs, and I’ve decided to make those little yappers the bad guys.

And it’s not just the rejections! Some cats say you’re not a writer unless you’re published. Other cats say you’re not a writer unless you get paid.

Well, hey! I know I’m a writer. Because I write. And because I have the heart of a writer.

So that’s why I give myself little perks now and then. A little extra pat on the back. Flowers or a kitty treat or a lunch with one of my fellow cats from my writer group. And I say to myself, “Yes! I am a writer.”

You are a writer, too. I just know you are! So how about it? Go out there today and make yourself a beautiful bouquet to sit on your table. (You might not want to nibble it like I nibbled on mine.) Make yourself a little card that says, “To the writer.”

Then do a happy dance. Celebrate! Because YOU are a writer.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Welcome to our website.

You’re welcome here ’cause you’re a writer. Just like us.