A Character Box

There are oodles of interesting characters everywhere an author looks. And often the most unique characters are ones who are actual factual real. That’s why I like to observe different characters. Then I jot down notes about them. And then I put them in my “character box.”

A character box is something I heard about from another author. It’s basically a file of unique characters that you actually flesh out and interview and describe in words so you can remember who they are.

For instance, the other day I decided to spend time character watching. Since some of my favorite characters are birds, I decided to watch these two mockingbirds enjoy a chilly dip in the “pool” in my backyard. I even caught them on video! You can watch them, too! Aren’t they cute?

Then after my “research,” I created a character file for each of them and added it to my character box.

So next time I’m looking for ideas for characters to add to my manuscript, I can open my character box, explore the characters I’ve collected, and pick one to star in my story!

You can make your own character box, too. Try it! It’s the cat’s meow!