Create a Character File: Part 2

To make a Character File for your character that will help create a 3-D character as well as be a great tool for brainstorming, here are the next 2 steps:

Humphrey word wall HPIM4724

Step 3: Just below the picture of your character, make a Word Wall. Children use Word Walls in elementary school to list words that match the theme of their story. It helps them keep words in a handy place that they can use while they are writing about a certain topic. On your character’s Word Wall, write down any word that relates to your character. I like to draw each word inside a little picture. For instance, I drew each of these words about me inside a paw print. You can see I included words such as mew, purrfect, paws, and tuna fish. I add to the Word Wall as I think of new words. Then, as I’m writing about myself, I can use these words in my story. Also, if I get writer’s block, I pull out my Word Wall and it helps jumpstart ideas. It’s a great brainstorming tool.

Humphrey notes 2 HPIM4727
Step 4: In the second folder, stash all your notes about your character. Here you can even see the magazine where I had my debut! Since I had a picture of myself in the front of my Character File, I e-mailed a copy of it to my editor after I landed the contract. She sent it to the illustrator and he drew me to look exactly like myself! (Aren’t I adorable?)