Create a Character File: Part 3

Humphrey word wall HPIM4724
Step 5: For the last step of creating my Character File, I organize all the notes I’ve been gathering about my character in the second file folder at the back. I type them up and make an official reference I can look at over and over and over again as I create my story.

I staple my character’s interview on the right side across the top in the front folder for a handy reference.

Page 1: Interview
Yes, I had my writing buddy, Nancy I. Sanders, interview me. Some of the things she already knew about me, like my favorite toy is Pink Piggy and my favorite blanket is Mr. Fuzzy. Other things she discovered during the interview were things such as my main personality flaw is that if I stay up past my bedtime, I get grumpy.

Here’s my Official Interview:


Name: Humphrey

Origin of Name: Humphrey Bogart

Physical Description
Hair Color: Orange tiger with white tummy and paws

Eyes: Yellow

Height: Tall enough to stand up and reach halfway up the fridge

Weight: 26 1/2 pounds (Yes, that’s right!)

Address: On the couch next to the window overlooking the birdfeeder

Date/place of birth: Adopted from Petsmart in March of 2006, originally named Tigger

Family Background: Hangs out with the Sanders

Food: Tuna fish

Occupation: Naps

Hobby: Naps

Toy: Pink Piggy

Blanket: Mr. Fuzzy

Best Friend: Jeff Sanders (he’s got the warmest lap)

Unique Traits:
Chews on his toenails, sleeps on his back, likes to toss a snack bag of frozen corn in the air and chase after it.

Strengths: Cute and adorable

Bad Habits: Stalks dog and attacks her like a lioness bringing down an antelope… Waits until dog is asleep on couch, sneaks up and licks dog on face, scares dog so dog jumps down, and then he takes over warm spot for nap.

Personality Flaws: If he stays up past his bedtime he gets grumpy

Enemies: The UPS mailman