Brainstorm Your Story’s Setting

sandman with alien eyes

Hi. My name’s Sandman. I’m a cat. I’m also a writer. Recently I started writing a new series of chapter books for kittens. I decided to have it take place in outer space. (Do you like my alien eyes?)

Before I made that decision, though, I spent time brainstorming ideas. First I climbed into my super duper spaceship that my writer buddy set up for me now that she has a new grandbaby. When I’m ready to blast off, I just push the button on the side that vibrates and my spaceship is ready to launch!

When you plan a new story idea for young readers, do you take time to brainstorm your setting first? Here’s a fun worksheet that will help you! Just download it, print it out, and start your brain generating new ideas.

Setting Brainstorming Sheet

Setting Brainstorming Sheet


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