One Day in the Life of a Writer

As some of you already know, my name is Humphrey, and I’m a big part of the writing life of my writing buddy, Nancy I. Sanders. When she sits on the living room loveseat to write, as she often does when she’s writing text for a picture book, I run in and jump on the nearby couch. I love to stretch out on my back!

It was here that she spent most of her time one month drawing art specs for 3 brand new books for Scholastic Teaching Resources. You see, even though she can only draw stick figures, authors are still required to draw sketches at times to show the REAL illustrator where to place the characters.

This is especially true for any book that has reproducibles, which her series of books has for teachers to use in the K-1 classroom: Cut & Paste Mini-Books: Math, Cut & Paste Mini-Books: Science, and Around the Year. I watched her draw every single stick figure in all 45 mini-books! Whew!

And when Nancy take a break from writing to have lunch, I run in to check out the refrigerator when she opens it. I’m always hoping it’s tunafish time!

My writing buddy sits down to eat–and guess who is up on the table! I am! Since she’s alone many hours of the day (that’s the life of a writer!) I keep her company while she eats–even when I get tired of watching her eat and fall asleep!

And of course, when she sits down at her computer to type and write, my favorite spot is to perch above her on top of my desk. I use the printer as my launching pad to jump up there, but at 26 pounds, I’m not sure how much more launching the printer can take!