Where I Write


Hi. My name is Sandman. If you’re a frequent visitor here on this website, you know that I’m a cat. And you’ve already figured out that I’m a writer. But do you know where I write?

Some writers sit in an office chair all day, staring at their computer screen, typing away at their computer keyboard.

Now, I may be a cat, but I know better than to do that for 8 hours every day. It would put cricks in my neck. It would give my paws carpal tunnel syndrome. It would put a kink in my orange and white striped tail.

So where do I write? In as many different places and in as many different positions as I can think of. (And for a cat, that’s right up my alley!)


For starters, in the morning when I wake up I do my stretching exercises. I stretch out in my exercise box and reach out for my favorite yarn toy 20 times. This keeps my back from aching throughout the day.


Then I jump up on the dining table and wrestle with the table runner for 20 minutes while I brainstorm ideas for plugging in sensory details in the nonfiction manuscript I’m working on.


After I spend an hour or so at the computer plugging in all the sensory details I thought of during my brainstorming session and working on my next section, I take a short catnap stretched out upside down on my back with my favorite writing buddy, Nancy I. Sanders. Hey! A short catnap in the middle of my writing day makes me feel refreshed and revitalized and ready to pounce on my next tasty portion of my manuscript.


And when I sit down to read lengthy tomes and dry primary sources to gather research material for the upcoming section of my manuscript, I make sure I get nice and comfortable. I stretch out on the top of the couch where I can prop up my research book and take notes and footnotes like a writing pro.

‘Cause that’s what I am. A writing professional. I can log in 8 hours or more each day working on my manuscripts or current writing deadline. I try not to stay in any one position longer than one hour at a time. Plus I break up the time I spend sitting at the computer with time spent in various spots around the house writing notes by hand or reading research books. It keeps my nose moist and healthy, my fur soft and sleek, and my yellow eyes bright and shiny. I hope you do the same!

To inspire you to think “healthy” about sitting and writing throughout the day, here’s a YouTube video that shows me in a brainstorming session for my latest Christmas story. I happened to be fleshing out my characters while hiding in a bag. Try it out sometime! Bags are one of the best spots for creative thinking that there is.